Nina Turner Has Changed The Game For Bernie Sanders

Armory of the Revolution

turnerIn what may be the most brilliant move by any politician in this election cycle, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner has jumped ship from Hillary to Bernie.

Nina Turner is one of the most respected and influential black leaders in the country.

Turner’s support of Bernie could turn the tide in the African American community, dramatically increases the chances that Bernie will win the nomination, and may propel Turner onto a vice presidential short list.

Recent polls show Hillary’s support among African American voters at 84%, with Bernie’s at just 7%!

Those numbers are seen by pundits as proof that Clinton has a lock on black votes.

The numbers should be read as the potential for Sanders to make huge inroads with black voters, most of whom are unfamiliar with his record and his proposals.

Bernie was in the streets being arrested for protesting segregation and Jim Crow while…

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