Hillary is More Conservative than Trump and W on Trade and Foreign Policy

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Armory of the Revolution


The Democratic National Committee, Democratic officials, and the lobbyists and political hacks who support Hillary Clinton are unanimous in calling for Democrats to rally around the eventual winner of the Democratic nomination. They, of course, presume and expect that nominee to be Hillary.

Sanders supporters are unimpressed with the call to eventually support Hillary. They have been fighting Hillary’s owners since Bernie entered the race, and have no motivation to embrace Hillary and her lobbyist friends.

They propagandists for Wall Street and the political establishment are churning out apocalyptic scenarios of a Donald Trump presidency to frighten and coerce progressives, and to convince them to throw in with Hillary because the alternative, Donald Trump, is too scary a possibility to contemplate.

The Republican political establishment is already panicked at the prospect of a Trump nomination. Unlike Ted Cruz, who is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs, Big Oil, and…

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