Sanders dominates Clinton in California with 61.25%

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The Political Analyzer

The following article is based on a public opinion survey. The methodology considers historical survey of Pew Research and Gallup, and CNN and MSNBC Polls.

I worked on the Californian electorate dividing the Democratic electorate in age and ethnicity, I assigned the turnout consideration and I finally divided Counties in California and then in Macro-Areas.

Specifically, according to the latest CNN Poll I assigned to Sanders the 60% of White Electorate and 62% of Black Electorate to Clinton.

I remained faithful to my ‘theory of wildfire’ and I extended it from Oregon to North California to the Bay Area and Sacramento MSA.

Following the data of UC Davis ‘Center for Elecorate Change’ I attributed to the Hispanic Community the percentage of votes and the turnout to be awarded to Bernie Sanders county by county: 60%.

I also worked by age and I corroborated in this way the data of the…

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