The State of the Union by Asher Edelman

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How Hillary Clinton Just Lost The Presidency

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The DNC can not face the facts, and the longer they refuse to face them, the worse it gets. In the lastest episode of the 2016 Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton went on record to say “There is no way I am losing” the Democratic Nomination, further adding that she will not participate in a California debate against Bernie Sanders.

In this newest chapter of the fiasco which has become the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton has offically doomed her campaign. It’s aside from the blantant lies she has misguided the American people with. It’s aside from the Benghazi and Clinton Foundation allegations, among other scandals which have plagued her campaign. It’s even aside from the false accusations that Bernie’s supporters are violent crowds threatening the entire party. Furthermore, it is even beyond now, the total lack of respect Hillary has displayed to millions of American voters nation wide, by essentially remarking…

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Big Networks CANCEL Exit Polls in Remaining Primaries

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Election Fraud Watch 2016

The exit polls have not matched the official results OUTSIDE the margin of error in many states in the Democratic primary election.  It has been a red flag for fraud.  WHY are the networks canceling exit polls in the remaining upcoming primaries?  Simple.  They do not want to provide a means of evidence to document the theft.


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What Happened at the Nevada “Democratic” State Convention?

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The Writing of John Laurits

brown shirts ready to goGreetings, my friends! As many of you have probably heard, “tensions were high” at the state convention in Nevada yesterday. Now, because CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the usual “news” outlets seem to have forgotten to mention it, I’ve decided (as usual) to step in to inform you all and clean up the mess of misinformation.

You see, all of this happened because there has been a bit of a misunderstanding between the “Democratic” Party and ourselves — they’ve been laboring under the impression that we — you know, the people — are supposed to subserviently accept what the democratic party officials have decreed but — meanwhile — we (having been misled by the word “democratic” being in their name) thought that we would get to have a say in choosing our nominee for president. As you can guess, this embarrassing miscommunication has led to a lot of confusion —

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Bernie told us he’s in… We must continue the strategy to win a Contested Convention.

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Don Ford

Let’s clear one thing up right away…
A contested convention does not simply mean that the DNC will be contested…
It means we are contesting every step of every process all the way to the DNC.
We did not make it this way, our opposition contested our delegates at the very first Iowa Convention by excessively calling to check and recheck paperwork until Delegates left.
We have been told that we have no chance, then why were they prepared to contest results?
The truth is we have them in more of a bind than they want to admit.
If you have been following my work, I have been trying to push us into a Contested Convention for months because I knew it was the only way to win… when we flipped Nevada and Missouri I knew we could do it, and they realized it too.
The final delegate count matters…

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