Bernie told us he’s in… We must continue the strategy to win a Contested Convention.

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Don Ford

Let’s clear one thing up right away…
A contested convention does not simply mean that the DNC will be contested…
It means we are contesting every step of every process all the way to the DNC.
We did not make it this way, our opposition contested our delegates at the very first Iowa Convention by excessively calling to check and recheck paperwork until Delegates left.
We have been told that we have no chance, then why were they prepared to contest results?
The truth is we have them in more of a bind than they want to admit.
If you have been following my work, I have been trying to push us into a Contested Convention for months because I knew it was the only way to win… when we flipped Nevada and Missouri I knew we could do it, and they realized it too.
The final delegate count matters…

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