Bernie or Bust is a prediction

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Revolt Against Plutocracy

Bernie or Bust is not simply a voter pledge movement.  It is a prediction.  It is a prophecy of what will happen to this country if another pledge“establishment” mainstream media candidate is chosen.  That’s not a fear-mongering tactic taken out of the Republican playbook.  It’s the product of the United States political system of the past 40 years.  Since the era of Reagan, the “trickledown economics” policy has proven nothing other than “shit roles down hill.” It was a disingenuous attempt to convince the middle class that cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans would result in increased wealth for the middle class; the same middle class that is dwindling into working class poverty.

Plutocracy Plutocracy

Plutocracy, however, is not simply a concept, for a select few it is a way of life.  It is a concept that originated in ancient Greece, and has plagued the world’s political stage here and…

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