Why the Working Poor are saying Fuck You to Hillary

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Armory of the Revolution

working poorWhy Hillary Clinton Nomination May Cost Democrats More Than the Presidency

by Jordan Chariton | 3:46 pm, May 16th, 2016

from Mediaite.com

My major point of pride as a journalist is speaking with actual people whose lives often depend on the decisions political leaders make.

TV news swallows whole the endless plethora of punditry, presenting “strategists” and longtime party officials as possessing the pulse on what’s happening in America.

But I can promise you — Joe Scarborough didn’t visit the village of mobile homes in Elkhart, Indiana that I did recently. Chris Matthews didn’t talk to a family from this community, one of many whose lives were uprooted, and in some cases, destroyed, by the 2008 economic crash torpedoing their hometown; a hometown that at one point held the dubious distinction of having the highest unemployment — nearly 20% — of any county in the U.S. during the recession.


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