Sorry, Hillary, but more divides us than unites us.

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Armory of the Revolution


The Sanders phenomenon is not politics as usual. It is bigger than Sanders himself. And it exposes the fundamental differences between the progressive left and the Wall Street Democrats who have controlled the party for decades.

Progressives oppose the centrists in the party on trade, on foreign policy, on military belligerence, on corporate welfare, on universal healthcare, on the revolving door between industry and government, on public financing of campaigns, on aid to Israel, on drone killings of civilians, on coal mining, on fracking, on truth in labeling of foods, on breaking up the big banks, on Wall Street reform, on lobbying, on private prisons, on legalizing marijuana, and on the death penalty.

On all those issues, Hillary and the Wall Street Democrats are indistinguishable from the Republicans.

There are certainly issues upon which we agree, but Hillary’s mercurial positions on almost everything over the years raise serious questions about…

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