The State of the World Economy

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Asher Edelman

world economy

We are facing a rerun of 2007-2008 with more dire consequences and a longer duration than we experienced then.

The first blows will surface as a result of the collapse of the European Banking System. Last September, I wrote Where Now-Why Volatility. The Grand Surprise:

where now

“The U.S? The end of Quantitative Easing. In fact, Quantitative Easing has accomplished little more than inflating stock and bond markets. It has been devastating to pensioners, destructive to U.S. city and state budgets, and non productive to employment levels.”

In January of 2016, China? Oil Prices? Saudi Arabia? Iran? Why Volatility? The Grand Surprise Part Two  is the follow-up. Most of what we discussed is quickly coming to pass, though marked by the foolishness of the Eurozone quantitative easing – read Quantitative Obfuscation:

where now part 2

“In conclusion, 2007-2008 is likely to be repeated in the foreseeable future. This time there are no engines of restoration…

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