Establishment Democrats’ Sick Obsession With Attacking Sanders

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Smell that?  It’s smoke.  Smoke pouring out of the ears of establishment Democrats.  It’s not because they Feel the Bern.  It’s due to two reasons: (1) they are furious at Sanders; and (2) their mental wheels are continuously grinding, creating massive internal friction, as they come up with one inane reason after another to blast the senator from Vermont.

You all know what I am talking about.  The endless stream of articles and posts pouring forth from the commentariat of the Democratic establishment, as well as the self-righteous comments by Clinton supporters on articles about Sanders, not to mention the vituperative remarks on Twitter.  Here’s an example from yesterday’s Washington Post, by Stuart Rothenberg, “How Bernie Sanders missed his moment.”  It’s worth quoting at length because it contains many of the accusations that are hurled at Sanders.

Apparently, getting five Sanders supporters on the Democratic National Committee’s platform committee wasn’t…

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