Dem superdelegates guilty of dereliction of duty

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Revolt Against Plutocracy

superdelegatesRevolt Against Plutocracy* organized a snail mail effort in the two weeks before the DNC warning superdelegates why Donald Trump will defeat Secretary Clinton in November:

  • The Bernie or bust movementis not like “Party Unity My Ass.” They consider Secretary Clinton more dangerous in the short run (a mistake-prone neo-con in foreign policy) and the long run (supporting the“free-trade agreements” coming down the fast-track) than Donald Trump. They make up approximately 50% of Senator Sanders’ supporters* and will not follow Bernie’s lead to get behind a candidate they do not trust, like or believe.
  • Senator Sanders’ delegates are planning to walk out of the convention the moment if and when Secretary Clinton is nominated. Imagine the front page headlines around the nation the next day if that happens.
  • Although Secretary Clinton will not be indicted, Trump and his super PACs will make a lot of noise about her “

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