Is the corporate media reporting Jill Stein’s true polling numbers?

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Richard Charnin's Blog

Richard Charnin

Sept. 18, 2016

It is obvious that the corporate media does not want Jill Stein in the debates. It would radically change the dynamic of the race.  Stein has just 3% in the polls and needed 15% to qualify for the debates. If Stein were in the debates, her visibility would skyrocket, her poll shares would increase  to the expense of Hillary Clinton.

How many Independent and Democratic voters have even heard of Jill Stein?

According to the polls, 12% of respondents are Independents.But the  Gallup Party Affiliation Survey indicates the electorate consists of 42% Independents, 29% Democrats and 29% Republicans.

To believe the Media polls, you must believe that Jill Stein has just 5% of Independents and Democrats. But Bernie had 65-70% of Independents in the primaries- and Jill Stein should be doing nearly as well against Clinton in the polls.

The latest  polls show Trump tied…

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