Implausible: NY Unadjusted exit poll

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Richard Charnin's Blog

Richard Charnin
Nov. 19, 2016

Reversal of Fortune:Trump did better in the exit poll than the recorded vote.
But he did even better in the True Vote Model


NY 2012 Recorded Vote
Obama defeated Romney by 1.97 million (4.472-2.495) votes: 63.3-35.2% (28.1% margin)

NY 2016 CNN Reported (95% in)
Clinton leads Trump by 1.47 million votes: 58.9-37.4% (21.5% margin)
Party-ID:  48D- 26R- 26I
Clinton leads Independents by 48-42%

NY 2016 Unadjusted Exit Poll
Clinton leads Trump by 1.10 million votes: 55.8-39.8% (16.0% margin)
Party-ID:  48D- 26R- 26I
Trump leads Independents by 51-36%

NY 2016 True Vote Model
Clinton leads Trump by 798,000 votes: 50.7-42.0% (8.7% margin)
Party-ID:  39D- 19R- 42I
Trump leads Independents by 53-31%

NY 2016 Vote and Exit poll data (CNN)

Go to Row 490


Unadjusted EP Pct Clinton Trump Other
Dem 48% 92% 7% 1%
Rep 26% 9% 89%

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