Why George Soros Wants To Bring Down Donald Trump

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by Katherine Frisk:

Soros and his Open Society Foundations operate by controlling any and all opposition whether they agree with it or not, and they never let a good crisis go to waste. But the outcome is never what the people who started these movements intended and the situation is always geared to the same eventual outcome.

trump-soros-imagesA Global, corporate, fascist autocracy with a one world bank and one world government where nation states no longer exist and the world economy and leadership is controlled by a handful of banks and corporations.

Under such a system a Constitution and Bill of Rights becomes meaningless and governments will be sued and the tax payer will pay for any legislation that causes these banks and corporations to see a loss in their profit margins.The TPP and the TTIP  are their brainchild and a blue print for the future.

One of the…

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