Mathematician Clayton Shonkwiler: An Advanced Perspective

In this episode, Clayton Shonkwiler discusses random polygons at a graduate level, including why roughly 84% of all triangles are obtuse.

Source: Mathematician Clayton Shonkwiler: An Advanced Perspective


Mathematician Clayton Shonkwiler: An Advanced Perspective

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Scott Baldridge

Intended Audience: Mathematicians, graduate students and ambitious high school students.

We continue our interview with Clayton Shonkwiler on applications of geometry and topology to random walks/polygons and polymer science, but now at a graduate student level. To see the earlier interview with Clayton geared at a high-school level, go to: Mathematician Clayton Shonkwiler talks about Polymer Science.

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Mathematician Pallavi Dani – Divergence in Right-angled Coxeter Groups

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Scott Baldridge

Intended Audience: Everyone, and especially teachers who want to show to their students a mathematician explaining the motivation behind their own research.

In this episode we meet Pallavi Dani, a mathematician here at Louisiana State University, who talks to us about using geometry to study problems in algebra and vice versa.

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Marine Le Pen: Key Policies

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The British Observer


On 6th February, Marine Le Pen launched her campaign to become the next president of the French Republic. She is currently out in front in the polls, on course to win 27% of the vote in the first round with her closest rival Emanuel Macron currently polling (at best) 22%. This being said, it is still a difficult path to the Élysée Palace for

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