Did the GOP actually win the House?

Did the GOP actually win the House ? 🤔

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Did the GOP actually win the House?
Richard Charnin
Nov.20, 2018
Let’s speculate given the unlikely trend in tossups and strange anomalies.
. Long-held GOP seats in California flipped (Rohrabacher,etc.)
. Broward & Palm Beach County incompetence and/or fraud.
. Arizona GOP governor won by 328,000 votes but McSally lost the senate by 30,000 after leading in early voting.
. Dems led by 203-194 seats on Election Day with 38 tossups. . On Nov.19, the Dems lead by 233-200 with 30 of 36 tossups flipping to the Dems, a 1 in 35,000 probability.
.The expected tossup split is 19 seats each and the Dems would win by 222-213. Is it inconceivable that the GOP may have won 24 of the 38 tossups and a 218-217 win?
.How many  races which leaned to the Dems in the polls actually flipped to the GOP?
.The pre-election 38 tossup 2-party poll…

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